Renowned Makeup Artist Mario Dedivanovic is one of the most acclaimed, followed, and influential makeup artists in the world known for creating the most flawless version of an individual's natural beauty. From education to social media to innovation, Mario is a visionary and pioneer at the leading edge of the beauty industry. Having taught and popularized the best-known makeup techniques of the last decade, Mario has ignited viral trends that have inspired and forever altered the beauty landscape.

Moistureglow™ Lip Serum - Makeup By Mario
Moistureglow™ Lip Serum
A glossy, melting balm that plumps lips with moistureglow™ plumping lip serum
Surrealskin Foundation - Makeup By Mario
Surrealskin Foundation
Reveal your natural luminosity with mario's surrealskin™ foundation
Softsculpt® Collection - Makeup By Mario
Softsculpt® Collection
Sculpt, blush & enhance your complexion with the softsculpt® collection
Brushes For Effortless Beauty - Makeup By Mario
Brushes For Effortless Beauty
Effortless beauty inspired by over 20 years of perfected technique